Live Sessions
All our classes are live virtual sessions so that learners can learn and build relationships simultaneously.

Recorded Sessions
While we emphasize class attendance, we understand that our learners are busy professionals. Therefore, we provide learners with access to recorded sessions whether to review the content or catch up with missed sessions.

Short Reading Content
We provide concise reading content to introduce the class. We intentionally avoid longer contents because we want the learners to practicalize their knowledge rather than focusing on theories.

Case Studies and Homework
We intentionally build case studies and short homework into our program. The homework will not be submitted to graded. The goal is to help learners practicalize their knowledge, ask follow-up questions, and create new knowledge.

Experienced Facilitators
We do not have instructors, lecturers, or teachers. We have facilitators because their role is to guide and facilitate discussions to develop new knowledge rather than impact ideas on the participants.

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