Ayodeji E. Oyebola, Ed.D
Chief Executive Officer

Ayodeji is a consultant and leadership expert. Ayodeji has professional experience in the healthcare and financial industries with significant experience in leadership roles. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering from The Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti in Nigeria. He migrated to the United States of America and obtained a Master of Arts in Management from the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and a Doctor of Education in Leadership from the same institution.  

Ayodeji is a firm believer in the potential of human beings. He believes that people will thrive when provided with the right information and operating in a conducive environment. The Sphere Academy is the result of Ayodeji’s vision of building a global learning community to enhance human capabilities and build a stronger community.

He is also the founder of Emmright Business Management and Consulting Services, a company that enhances the productivity and outcome of organizations through process improvement and leadership development. He helps organizations achieve their goals by focusing on the two pillars of every organization: people and processes. Dr. Ayodeji believes that a system with efficient processes and good leadership will produce the desired outcomes. He is the author of the book, Caring: The Soul of Leadership that is available in Paperback and E-book on Amazon.

Greg Schnagl, Ed.D
Chief Learning Officer

Greg is an experienced educator with a background in business management and organizational development. He is the founder and owner of TeacherCentricity, an organization committed to working with non-for-profit professionals. He works to help transform structures and create supportive work environments. His work focuses on the use of needs assessments and the use of coaching and professional mentoring. Through his research, Dr. Schnagl has discovered patterns in ways effective environments support the unique needs of all team members.  He is the author of “Not My First Classroom: A Guide to Supporting Newly Hired Teachers in New Roles.” In addition, he is currently writing, “True Purpose: The Real Reasons We Educate Our Children.” Dr. Schnagl holds a BA in Business Management from Augsburg College and an MA and EdD from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.

As our instructional designer, Dr. Schnagl helps put the visions of our highly qualified facilitators into practice. He also provides content for our organizational development curriculum focusing on process change at the individual, group, and organizational levels.

Klark Alomassor, MBA
Chief Strategist

Klark is a Financial Professional and Consultant. He impacts lives by educating them on how to maximize their wealth to become financially strengthened and organized. Klark works with small businesses to protect their assets and reduce their risk profile so that they can be resilient and sustainable. Originally from Togo, Klark holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration from Saint Mary’s University. Klark Alomassor is a Doctor of Business Administration candidate at Saint Mary’s University. As a revenue-oriented professional with years of experience in Accounting, Finance, Project Management, and Clients Relations Management, Klark translates business visions into profitable outcomes. Klark strives to gain a total understanding of the organization’s health and financial reality to make strategic decisions and improve performance.

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