Online educational programs are on the rise as most traditional educational institutions build online courses infrastructure. While the traditional educational system embraces virtual classes, other learning organizations have been offering online educational programs. Most of these programs are self-paced, on-demand recorded classes with little to no relationship with the facilitators or other learners. Some of the benefits of virtual learning include the low cost of infrastructures which translates into a low price for participants. In addition to that, the ability to reach a larger audience in various geographic locations from a specific location makes virtual learning appealing. 

At The Sphere Academy, we believe that human beings are social animals, and the opportunity to build relationships is crucial to learning. Adult learners rely on relationships to learn new things and create opportunities. We believe that human relationships and the benefits of virtual learning are not mutually exclusive. Therefore, we design our learning experiences by taking advantage of the remote learning opportunities in which people can interact from anywhere around the world. We intend to creatively build a community of learners worldwide, where people can learn, engage one another, and build new relationships that are crucial for new opportunities and innovation.

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