Global Leadership Program (Coming Soon)

The Global Leadership Program is a 12-week facilitated course that aims to redefine the teaching and learning of leadership by encouraging individuals to question the conventional wisdom and assumptions to develop agile leadership solutions to today’s complex problems. The goal of the programs is not to force change on people but to provide individuals with the opportunity to make conscious changes through questioning, knowledge sharing, dialogue, and experiential learning, and active research. At The Sphere Academy, we have developed a program that is designed to answer current and future questions about leadership in every aspect of life, including public, private, non-profit, education, religion, sports, technology, and other sectors. 

 As the global landscape is changing, knowledge is developing rapidly, and human behaviors are evolving, leadership education is not rising to the challenges. The rise of silent groups and contrasting ideologies are causing friction, and humanity needs leaders like never before. The rising voices are challenging the status quo, and the leadership paradigm has no answer to the new normal. Despite the innovations in most areas of life, the leadership required to manage and lead the change is not evolving accordingly. The current leadership training and education are focused on forcing leaders to adopt a specific view and ideology to lead. Unfortunately, the dynamic nature of human beings does not yield to force or specificity.  

 The changes in the global landscape such as diversity, technology, migration are redefining humanity. The changes are overwhelming the leaders of various institutions due to the complexity. The pressure to act quickly has caused many institutions to flip the old leadership ideology, causing friction among various groups of people with different ideologies and views. Enforced changes only lead to resistance. Institutions are reacting to a complex problem in a simplistic manner of direct flipping. The simplistic leadership view has led to conflicts of ideologies and perspectives that cause different groups to consider one another threats to humanity. The battle is not going away as long as the view remains the same. 

 Most leadership ideologies are single looped, exclusive, and monopolistic. The current leadership education is also based on the exclusive ideology, which can no longer serve humanity in its current state. The ideological flipping requires an immediate and complete change of views, identity, and personality, but humans are not conditioned to make swift changes. Changes happen through accommodation, exposure, continuous learning, and encouragement of curiosity and questioning.

 At the Sphere Academy, we understand a leader is a person first before becoming a leader. As a person, the leader has emotions, perspectives, strengths, biases, and values. We recognize the differences in human beings and intend to work with the person within the leader so that an effective leader can emerge. Individuals must know themselves, accept themselves, and develop themselves to become good leaders. Self-acceptance improves the ability to take responsibility, which is the foundation of good leadership. 

 The Global Leadership Program is divided into four sections: Self-mastery, Social mastery, Theories and Models mastery, and Self-developed philosophy. In our person-centered leadership program, we use the inductive learning approach so that learners can create a self-developed leadership philosophy.


  • Understand yourself, how you react to things, values, attitudes, personalities, worldview
  • Maximize your strengths and personality to grow as a person and become a better leader

Social Mastery

  • Understand the general environment, perspective of others, and happenings in the world, business, industries, organizations, national politics, globalization, technology, etc.
  • Use the understanding of the environment to create your leadership model.

Theory Mastery

  • Understand the leadership theories, models, power, philosophies, and ethics.
  • Have a wider view of leadership and relate the knowledge to your experience.

Self-developed Philosophy

  • Develop a personal leadership philosophy based on new knowledge

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