Welcome to Sphere Academy!

The Sphere Academy is a provider of professional educational services. We provide live interactions among participants and facilitators to facilitate discussions, create relationships, and build networks essential for creativity and innovation. Our educational content enhances the knowledge and capacities of individuals and groups through authentic, practical, and relatable educational experiences. Our facilitators are seasoned professionals from various backgrounds bringing real-life perspectives and experiences to the classroom.


Vision, Mission, and Values


Enhance human capabilities through authentic, accessible, practical, and relatable educational experiences.


Create a global learning community.


Practicality, Uniqueness, Relationships, Empowerment (PURE)

Our Values Explained...

We believe that educational programs are only valuable when learners can relate the educational content to the events around them. All our programs are focused on bringing real-life events to the classroom so that learners can easily apply their knowledge.

We understand that relationships are critical to knowledge development and application. We prioritize human contacts in our programs so that learners can build lasting relationships with facilitators and fellow learners.

We see all our learners as individuals with varying perspectives, skills, and life experiences. Our person-centered programs allow individual learners to learn and evolve in their own unique ways and apply the knowledge to their unique situations.

We believe that the purpose of education is to liberate the human mind, enhance their self-determination, and give them the freedom to control their lives. We design our programs to provide the learners with the autonomy to evolve and grow rather than create a predetermined outcome.

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